Introduction of a cliffdiver: Owen Weymouth (UK)
Tomáš Jechort
 As in previous years,this year is gonna bring you on of the top cliff divers in the world. It is a cliffdiver which has not been seen by Czech fans. He is a junior, Owen Weymouth and he is 17 years old. When he was 12 he jumped of a cliff for the first time and he has fallen in love with this sport. Last year at the european championship WHDF in Switzerland he finished in the top three in the junior category. This year he has set a goal for himself, and that is to be the youngest cliffdiver to jump from 27 meters. >> More info about High-divers
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Alain Kohl (LUX)
Tomáš Jechort
 He started with diving, when he was 7 years old. He is the holder of 25 Luxembourg titles. He was caught by cliff diving in 2002, nevertheless he used to dive just for fun. He was captivated by this sport so much, that he started to train and since 2006 he has been diving as a competitor. Since 2008 he has been a regular competitor of best races in Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. >> More info about High-divers
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Jan Wilko Heinzel (D)
Tomáš Jechort
 It´s going to be his 7th visit at High Jump. His personal record is a jump off 30 metres, which he showed at High Jump, too and this year he wants to break this record for you. He is Highdiving-Cliffdiving professional and loves adrenalin before he jumps. Jan is a member of the German National Splashdiving Team, so he is planning to show you some nice splash jumps which you like so much. He just loves cliffdiving and that is why he is reallly good at it – in the last three years he was among the three best cliffdivers at High Jump. It is for sure you will not overlook this guy at High Jump. >> More info about High-divers
Martin Sonka with his flying show at Desperados High Jump 2016
Tomáš Jechort
 Martin Sonka is one of the representatives of a unique competition Red Bull Air Race, where airmen fly in their special planes with unbelievable speed really close to the ground or water. Currently Martin is sitting at the top of the rankings in this competition. Martin Sonka will come to this year´s High Jump and he will show you what the flying elite can do. Two years ago he was one of the best acts at High Jump. You should be excited for this year´s as well. In the upcoming short interview you can read about Martin and his plans. >> read interview
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Andreas Hulliger (CH)
Tomáš Jechort
 Andy Hulliger has taken over High Jump in the past two years. Therefore he is coming back to Hrimezdice this year so he can complete the golden hattrick, no one has ever done that. Andreas is cliff diver representing Switzerland and he has recently won European championship in cliff diving. >> More info about High-divers
Introduction of a line-up band - Prague Conspiracy
Tomáš Jechort
 Neither Prague Conspiracy is a novice band in the musical pond. Some fans most likely know the band as the creators of the style ska in the Czech Republic, however that is not what the band focuses on anymore. From Prague Conspiracy you can expect rock filled with energy. >> More info
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Jacqueline Valente (BR)
Tomáš Jechort
 Women are also part of today´s cliff diving. They are part of both Red Bull CliffdivingSeriers and Desperados High Jump. Beautiful Brazilian Jacqueline Valente is a regular competitor of all prestige competitions. Outside of the season Jacqueline takes part in exhibition shows. Jecqueline will compete at 12 and 16 meters at Desperados High Jump. >> More info about High-divers
Introduction of a line-up band - Skyline
Tomáš Jechort
 Skyline is a band that has been on the scene since 1997. Since then they have gone through personal and musical growth. Skyline are one of the legends of Czech club scene. Dance music, which Skyline has been producing, entertains all fans under the podium for many years now. >> More info
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Laso Schaller (CH)
Tomáš Jechort
 Laso Schaller from Switzerland is a regular participant of Desperados High Jump. However this year for the first time ever Laso will come to Hrimezdice as a world record holder. As not too long ago he has jumped from a height of 59 meters, which is a few meters higher than a jump from a well known Leaning Tower of Pisa. >> More info about High-divers. Video - Schaller invites you to High Jump.
Introduction of a cliffdiver: Christian „Elvis“ Guth (D)
Tomáš Jechort
 Christian started cliffdiving at the age of 5 when he was on holiday with his parents. He is a multiple world champion in splashdiving – in solo and synchronized jumps together with Felix Hirt. Today he is also a coach of German National Team. He holds world record in splashdiving – he jumped off the helicopter 43 metres high! And who else than this master could show you his best splashdiving tricks off 30 metres. >> More info about High-divers
Video - The oldest extreme sport in the world: Cliffdiving
Tomáš Jechort
 Back in the 18th century is where it all began: For over 200 years now, the oldest extreme sport in the world still creates pure fascination! You can see why, on the Red Bull FB profile. You can read more on our website, in the link: Cliffdiving.
Desperados HIGHJUMP 2016
Tomáš Jechort
 Desperados HIGH JUMP 2016. Still the same wonderful place: Hrimezdice - Friday, 05.08. and Saturday, 06.08.2016. Swimsuit with you !!!
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